SVN Setup guide using SSH and Tortise

### primarily for my own notes ###

After trying to set up SSH/SVN/Tortoise with security keys, Jose took over my computer and set up up with SSH tunneling in a matter of minutes.


1. Open PuTTY, input your Address, port, name the session, and save it.

2. Click on the SSH tab, then the tunnels option (see attached). Type in your source port (PORT NUMBER), then destination (localhost:PORT).

SSH Tunneling

3. Click "add" and it will show up in the forwarded ports area:

4. Go back to the session and save it again.

5. PuTTY is ready and you can open your session.


1. Click Settings,

2. Click Network,

3. Add "C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink.exe", or whatever your local path to PLink.exe is,

4. Update SVN,

5. That's it.