Setting up SSN Keys

If you're setting up SVN accounts, it helps to have keys for the users.

Very Basic Instructions:

Once you're logged in to Putty/SSH under the root user:

1. Create an SSH key using SSH
ssh-keygen -t rsa
- Pay attention to where the key is saving. It might save in the root folder by default.
- Add a passphrase when prompted: :(none for this one)

2. Make the .ssh directory:
mkdir .ssh

2.b You might already have the .ssh folder, if so then you might already have the authorized_keys file.
To find out, try this command
ll .ssh

3. Move the keys into that folder:
mv .ssh/authorized_keys
or, if you already have some active keys you'll want to add the key to the file with this code:
cat /path/to/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

3b. If have this folder in there, it will ask if you want to over write it. I did.

4. Download the private key via FTP/WinSCP. Tip: It's not, it's only "id_rsa". Let's keep things tidy; when you download it, delete it from the server. You don't need to worry about, the command in step 3 copied it, and renamed it to authorized_keys


5. Now, let's convert it with PuttyGen. Start PuttyGen

6. Click on 'Load' and find your key. You'll have to look for all files, not just ppk keys. Select RSA from the three
choices at the bottom

7 Save it as 'ryans.ppk', and give it a name of some type - this name will load up after you login.


8. From SSH/Auth, selet ryans.ppk - save it.

9. Log in. It will read,

Authenticating with public key "ryan"
Passphrase for key "ryan":