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14 February, 2011 – helps shipping lines, leasing companies, and container traders sell their off lease and used shipping containers. Through the use of the custom ContainerAuction platform, sellers gain efficiencies in marketing and sales process management by focusing on the three main phases of container sales – forward selling, the offer and bid solicitation process, and the closing period.

During the forward selling process, sellers can publish containers prior to the actual start of the auction process. Potential buyers are notified of the new listing through email, text message, or social networking sites; and invited to review the listing and ask the seller questions. All questions are asked through an integrated private messaging system, allowing all correspondence to be stored in one central account.

All registered buyers are alerted again prior to the auction listing going live. Once the listing is open for offers and bids are entered by the buyers, the screen updates in real time and automatic notifications are sent to those who have made previous offers for the listing. The length of the auction can be for any amount of time, and once the auction expires an invoice is generated and sent to the winning bidder. All other bidders are notified and given similar listings on offer.

After the listing has closed ContainerAuction continues to provide service with the transfer and collection. Depending on the level of service desired by the seller, ContainerAuction can assist in payment transfer and management. Once the payment is registered by the seller or ContainerAuction, a unique release code can be generated through the site and emailed to both the buyer and depot manager. This code is searchable on the site instantly from the time that it’s issued and can be used as a verification tool when the buyer arrives to collect their containers. is preparing to launch in early 2011. To learn more about the site, or if you would like to receive information on how to participate in the launch, contact

About ContainerAuction, Inc: is an online auction platform for buying and selling shipping containers., the site owned and managed exclusively by ContainerAuction Inc, works with clients around the world to provide an efficient, reliable platform on which to market their shipping containers.